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Carpet Flooring in Prattville, AL

carpet flooring in prattvilleSay goodbye to the shabby floors you inherited with your home and replace them with comfortable carpet flooring in Prattville, AL. Carpets are great for any room in need of added luxury, and they bring the volume down when it matters the most. The insulation keeps your voice from echoing, and the resulting improvement in appearance is sure to make the entire home more appealing to a potential buyer.

Visit Carol’s Carpet Flooring America and see why other customers have come to rely on our responsive design assistance and exceptional pricing on the flooring you need. Cover more of your floor than you ever thought possible when you take advantage of our 5 Star Selection system. We rate every flooring product according to the installation guarantees and price protection warranties that each includes. Cover the kids’ bedroom floors with pattern carpet flooring and complete your master bedroom design with beautiful Berber. 

Start your design journey at our showroom and live in the home you have always dreamed of owning. Our staff is with you at every step of the way. When you visit with us, we’ll take your ideas and match them with a type of carpet that fits every one of your needs. Once you have chosen a product, we are ready to provide you with an installation service that fits your schedule as well.

A Comprehensive Approach to Flooring

We take the guesswork out of decorating your home or business with great pricing on flooring and carpet installation. When you start your planning at our carpet store, you can talk with someone that knows what works best in area homes. We ask about your lifestyle and the conditions in each room to provide you with the most appropriate recommendation for the coming years.  

Because every room is different in some way, you need to work with a professional that understands how every product performs. We carry a broad array of carpeting from respected brands, including:

  • Karastan
  • Tigressa
  • Resista
  • Innovia
  • Stainmaster
  • Bedford Mills
  • Hearth & Home

Our Expansive Inventory

Browse through our selection of carpeting and match your choice with the hardwood flooring in the dining room. With our recommendations through the 5 Star Selection system, you can find everything you need for a complete home makeover. Mix and match a series of patterns with your choice of carpet tile and other types, including: 

  • Berber Carpet
  • Texture Carpet
  • Frieze Carpet
  • Loop Carpet
  • Pattern Carpet
  • Saxony Carpet
  • Waterproof Carpet

Contact us today for carpet flooring from some of the leading names in the industry. We proudly serve customers in Prattville, Alabama, and surrounding communities.

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