Casual and Shag Rugs

Casual and Shag Rugs

Shag Area Rugs


Having trouble deciding on one style?  Let your style be unique and one that identifies yourself.  The eclectic style is a mix of elements from many styles used in nontraditional ways. Few if any rules apply with an eclectic design. Be yourself and be creative.

cosmo_shag_81104 focus_4849l loft_520r
Cosmo Shag 81104 Focus 48491 Loft 520R
loft_520w cosmo_shag_81101 cosmo_shag_81106
Loft 520W Cosmo Shag 81101 Cosmo Shag 81106
focus_4849g fusion_27204_champagne fusion_27201_platinum
Focus 4849G Fusion 27204 Champagne Fusion 27201 Platinum


Casual Area Rugs

amelia_2260b revival_550h revival_119l
Amelia 2260B Revival 550H Revival 119L
caspian_1004x eden_87111 emerson_2040a
Caspian 1004X Eden 87111 Emerson 2040A
amelia_8w lagos_1443x infinity_1105b
Amelia 8W Lagos 1443X Infinity 1105B


2227 Cobbs Ford Road,  Prattville, AL 36066