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Granite, Marble and Quartz Gallery


Kitchens and Bathrooms endure a lot of use and it’s important to find the right counter top.  With so many options it can be hard to find the perfect combination of durability, style and maintenance.  Learn from the experts when choosing between high style natural stone or budget friendly laminate.

The experts know the advantages and disadvantages of Granite, Marble and Quartz.  When buying solid surface Counter Tops you should involve the sales consultant early in the process and take advantage of their expertise.







Why Involve The Experts Early In The Project

  • Cost Management – The granite specialist will help in reducing waste. Guide you through the hundreds of colors that range from affordable to the rare exotic slabs.  Other cost include; rare colors, availability and slabs with reflective minerals that stand out.


  • Template Layout – Every slab is different and template layout ensures you get that unique look.  When templates are placed on the slab you will see what part of the granite feature will be on the counter top.  You wouldn’t want the most interesting part of the counter top landing in a sink cut out but instead featuring it on the island.


  • Design – With natural stone’s unique character it helps having a professional that can work the slab into your new remodel or the room’s  current style.  With so many choices the color will influence the room’s palette.  With tips from the experts you will find the counter top that looks good to you and holds up to the room activity level.


  • Installation – Not all fabricators are of equal quality and neither is the quality of installation.  The fabricator will steel reinforce cut outs for added strength and durability.  When installing your new sink it’s important that the sink be mechanically pinned to the granite other than relying on glue alone.  The experts will also have the insight of how the solid surface affects the current back splash or cabinets.


  • Education – Every solid counter top has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing proper maintenance will keep your investment from being damaged.


The Carol’s Carpet Flooring America sales team encourages you to call or visit our showrooms to ask questions about your choice of counter top.  Contact us with your questions about durability and variables that could impact your cost. 

Involving our team of experts early on in the process will ensure optimization of your slab, money and design potential.

How does involving a counter top consultant early on in the project help the customer?