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Nylon Carpet

Synthetic nylon fibers are impressively strong and flexible, making it effortless to sink your feet into cozy, comfortable flooring without common concerns like lasting footprints.

Nylon Carpeting: Why It's a Popular Choice


Nothing quite beats the feeling of sinking your feet into the cozy comfort of beautiful nylon carpet without a care in the world after a long day. Synthetic nylon fibers are impressively strong and flexible, making it effortless to enjoy this everyday luxury without common concerns like lasting footprints parading throughout your chaotic home or unexpected stains popping up every time you turn around. 


Nylon Carpet Durability


So, you've finally made the decision that it's time for a new look! But you also know that you’re not willing to sacrifice durability. The dingy, who-knows-how-old carpeting throughout your current home has served your family well through messy toddler years, puppy potty training, and countless spills during holiday get-togethers, but now it’s time for an upgrade. 


Nylon carpet is the perfect match for virtually any room in your house. Its synthetic carpet fibers hold up to all you've seen and more, including resistance to stubborn stains and soil from the constant back-and-forth traffic of family members and pets alike. And no more blocking out the UV rays with drapes or curtains during sun-filled afternoons. Solution-dyed nylon carpet lets you focus on other things while fade resistance protects your luxurious, brand-new carpet. 




The world —or in this case, the showroom—is your oyster when it comes to choosing the type, style, and color of your new nylon carpet! First, you might decide on the type and style of carpet, selecting a comfortable cut pile like frieze or shag for a cozy, casual family room or a more structured loop pile such as nylon berber carpet for your stately office or sophisticated bedroom. 


Next comes color. Don't feel basic if you're drawn to the warmth of earth tones, which dominate the market for a reason. They fit in beautifully with all styles of home decor, from modern farmhouse to cottagecore and everything in between. But, if you are looking to go bolder, you've got stunning solution-dyed nylon carpet options across the color wheel.


Rich hues can add character, depth, and drama to your favorite spaces. Help your little one's personality shine with their favorite fun color as a cozy, durable carpet, or dress up your living space with the perfect tone to complement your furniture and highlight your favorite art pieces. 


How Does Nylon Carpet Compare? 


Nylon vs. polyester carpet


Polyester and nylon fibers are synthetic siblings! Think of nylon carpet as the protective older one, since it does a better job of resisting and withstanding your home's daily wear and tear, but it will cost you a little more upfront. Polyester is a popular alternative because it's easy on the wallet and also repels pesky stains.


Wool vs. nylon carpet


You're probably all too familiar with the cozy warmth of wool socks and sweaters, as well as their heftier price tags. With wool carpet, it's no different. This all-natural and environmentally-friendly material offers a ton of inherent benefits, including water, dirt, and fire resistance. But its colors can fade over time, especially in your sunniest rooms, unlike solution-dyed nylon carpeting. 


Maintaining Nylon Carpet


You've picked the best nylon carpet for your family's needs and now you want to make sure it lasts a long time. Keeping your new carpeting in tip-top shape is pretty easy, especially if you make regular vacuuming part of your routine. Run the sweeper often, whether you need to pick up pesky pine needles, never-ending pet hair, or hard-to-see dirt and dust that's accumulated over the week.


When your grandchild drops a bottle of juice or an old friend topples a glass of red wine during an especially interesting story, take a moment to treat the spill based on the manufacturer's recommendations. These may also include guidance on occasional steam cleaning, which can give the nylon fibers a deeper clean and restore them to their original glory.


Nylon Carpet Pros and Cons


Looking for peace of mind with your nylon carpeting purchase? These pros will help:


A couple of considerations about nylon carpeting include:


Lifespan and Installation


Once you've invested in the best nylon carpet for your home and family's needs, you want it to last! Thankfully, you can expect a long life from new nylon carpeting under the right conditions. These include:


Nylon Carpet FAQs