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Laminate Flooring in Prattville, AL

laminate flooring in prattville

You don’t have to blow your budget to get the flooring of your dreams. Laminate wood and tile floors are a popular material that offers the look of luxury for less. No matter what you have in mind in terms of style or price, you can rest easy knowing that we carry a laminate flooring option sure to satisfy you in all respects. When you need laminate flooring in Prattville, AL, visit our flooring showroom for a variety of quality styles.

Replacing outdated surfaces with a solution like laminate tile flooring has the potential to enhance interior designs and improve property values. From selection to installation, we provide unparalleled service throughout every step of the replacement process to ensure the project is a true success.

Why Choose Laminate Wood Flooring?

If you are interested in floors that look similar to wood and last long, consider laminate wood flooring. Between its durability, beauty, and easy maintenance, laminate floors are a great choice for any household. Laminate wood is designed to both look and feel like a number of different species of hardwood. With planks available in a wide range of sizes, stains, and finishes, you are sure to find an option perfectly suited to your space. Engineered using four layers, laminate wood floors offer higher levels of durability, standing up to heavy foot traffic and sunlight exposure with ease.

One of the top benefits of laminates is their easy maintenance routine. Due to the specialized manufacturing process of laminate floors, it is relatively simple to care for and clean them. During a thorough treatment and acclimation process, each laminate piece is treated to be resistant to water, stains, and gouges. Even children and pets are able to play on these floors without having to worry about damage from scratches. The outer coating also helps prevent your beautiful new flooring from fading or discoloring in the sunlight.

Protect your investment by properly cleaning and maintaining it regularly. To care for your laminate flooring, a microfiber dust mop is best for everyday cleaning. Avoid using water, because although laminate floors are water-resistant, frequent or prolonged exposure to water may warp your tiles. For more extensive cleaning, use laminate-specific cleaning solutions like those containing vinegar. There are a variety of homemade floor-cleaning solutions you can use to thoroughly clean your floor, or you can purchase specialized formulas at any home cleaning supply store.

Excellent Choice for People with Allergies

Do you or someone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma? Laminate tile flooring is an ideal option for anyone with respiratory problems because laminate flooring does not hold on to dust, pollen, pet dander, or allergens like other types of flooring do. Their easy-to-clean surface allows dust and pet hair to be quickly swept up periodically so it doesn’t hang around making you sneeze.

Laminate Tile Flooring Also Available

After only a single stop at our location, you can walk away with the laminate tile flooring of your dreams. We are proud to only carry lines and collections manufactured by reputable brands. Our showroom displays high-quality brands that you’re able to purchase for your home including Floorcraft™ and Star Values™. Stop by to discuss your options with our knowledgeable flooring experts.

Laminate Flooring Installation Handled by Experts

Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond a purchase. To ensure you remain happy with your new floors far into the future, we back your investment with professional installation. Our team includes in-house technicians capable of performing laminate flooring installation with speed and skill.

Having your flooring installed by our team of installation specialists is important to ensure your floors are laid and acclimated properly so they last for many years to come. Laminate flooring requires time to acclimate to the humidity and ambient temperature of your home, and special preparation helps it remain flat and smooth for decades. Ensure your floor is covered by all its warranties when you rely on our professionals to provide laminate flooring installation to protect your investment.

Take Advantage of Our 30-Day Confidence Plus Warranty

To prove just how confident we are in the work of our experienced and thoroughly qualified installation team, we support all completed work with a warranty system that backs up our dedicated professionals completely. Choose one of our 4-Star or 5-Star-rated products and take advantage of the Confidence Plus Warranty. If you determine you aren’t absolutely satisfied with your new laminate floors after 30 days, we’ll happily replace them with a comparable product for free.


Contact us to discuss our wide variety of attractive and durable laminate flooring options. We are proud to work with residents in Prattville, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

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