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Beautify with Our Luxury Vinyl Planks in Prattville, AL

Luxury Vinyl Planks in Prattville, ALFor centuries, hardwood has remained one of the most popular flooring options. However, it doesn’t fit well into every household’s budget. Fortunately, there’s a way you can bring home the beauty of wood without the usual price tag: vinyl.

Visit Carol’s Carpet Flooring America to browse one of the most diverse selections of luxury vinyl planks in Prattville, AL. This special surface still is designed to imitate both the appearance and texture of genuine wood. In fact, many people can’t tell the difference between hardwood and LVP without close examination.

Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, any wood species and stain can be replicated with vinyl. Whether you prefer dark woods like walnut, lighter shades such as maple, or unique hues like cherry, there’s a vinyl product for you at our showroom. Explore our store today to see all the options available to you and discover your ideal luxury vinyl surface.

Valuable Benefits for Any Home

A luxury vinyl plank floor offers a lot of value for your household. First, these surfaces are highly water resistant and therefore do well in wet areas like your kitchen, bathroom, and entryway. Likewise, they are recommended for homes with young children and pets because they are so stain resistant. You can stress less about spills and accidents with LVP in place.

In addition, vinyl is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. You can either sweep or vacuum on a routine basis to keep your vinyl planks clear of dust and debris. Mopping helps it retain a fresh, like-new appearance. Beyond that, there is no other upkeep needed.

An LVP floor is also softer underfoot than other hard surface flooring styles. Whenever you stand at the stove cooking or the sink washing dishes for long periods, you’ll be glad you chose vinyl. LVP also enhances your home’s comfort with its notable insulation and soundproofing properties. Learn more by talking to our knowledgeable staff members.

Make Installation a Breeze

Something that makes vinyl special is that it can be installed on virtually any surface and in any room thanks to its versatility. What’s the easiest way to install vinyl planks? Hire our trained installers to do the hard work for you! Our luxury vinyl plank installation crew will ensure that all product warranty standards are followed to the letter. In no time at all, your new floor will be ready to show off to all your guests.

Contact us for in-depth details on our wide selection of wood-alternative luxury vinyl. We proudly serve clients from throughout Prattville, Alabama, and the surrounding area.

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